Letz! is an app that makes planning get togethers with friends easy and fun. Users can create get togethers based off of common activites, such as playing a sport, grabbing a coffee, or going out to dinner. They can then invite friends, propose times to meet, select a location, and choose if they’d like to set a repeating reminder, such as every week. Users can view their upcoming get togethers from the My Plans feed, and manage repeating get togethers from the Reminders page.



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UX & Visual Design

Invite Friends

Create get togethers with your favorite friends. Choose the activity, who’s invited, when, and where.

Your Plans

See all your upcoming plans, and let your friends know when you can make it. Select a card to view details about the get together, such as date, time, and who’s invited. If you are the event owner you can make updates to the get together.

Happening Now

When an event is close to happening, event cards feature relevant information such as the address and arrival status of people attending.


Snapfish Cards

Snapfish wanted to offer a more personalized experience for ordering greeting cards.

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GMP Products & Services

Products for an energy efficient home.

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Making real life get togethers easy to plan.

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Brew Coffee

The Brew Coffee app is a tool that helps coffee lovers consistently brew a perfect cup of pour over coffee.

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