A mobile app to quickly plan in-person get togethers with friends.

We helped an early stage startup get their first working app into the app store, and in the hands of customers. Starting with the client's hand drawn wireframes, we designed out the full UX/UI of the app. We designed a brand with a vibrant palette of blues and oranges, and created a set of colorful illustrations to make the app feel fun, simple, and delightful. By focusing on streamlining the coordinating process among friends, the goal was to maximize the users' hangout time and promote getting together more often.

Beyond just simplifying the process of planning a get together, we brainstormed and developed new concepts, like a ‘Happening Now’ mode. As the start time for an event approaches, the app transitions into a mode which focuses on helping friends find each other and understanding when other people will arrive.

Two ancient greek styled figures bend over a table and using a laptop and a phone.

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