A mobile app providing essential tools and information to Green Mountain Power customers.

A tablet and a phone with the Green Mountain Power app login page showing, which ahs an image of solar panels in a field in front of mountains with a partially cloudy sky. The words Welcome, good afternoon, show below the GMP logo. There is also a sign-up button and a log-in button.

Tasked with updating the existing customer facing app, we designed a solution that prioritized common customer tasks, such as reporting outages, paying bills, and viewing power status updates. We also simplified the payment flow and created an outage map with real time status updates and incident information.

Customers love the simplicity and ease of use, rating the app 4.9 stars on the Apple App Store. Here's what they have to say:


A well designed, very user friendly app that’s easy to use for many things. Report an outage, check the status of the grid in your area and at your own house, pay a bill, etc .... really user friendly. Way better than the Verizon app, and those dummies own a phone company!!!

For a normal app, surprisingly great

This is a normal app, but so outstanding it’s worth a quick review. Amazing that a small electric company manages to make an app that is so fast and visually easy to use, whereas big national companies with probably 1000x more budget and users like AT&T make an app that is almost insufferably bad at nearly every level.

Extremely User Friendly!

This app is great. Straight forward, easy to understand, super user friendly. There are a lot of apps now to pay various bills. I wish they could all be structured like this one. Using it is almost enjoyable (but I’m still paying a bill so its not that enjoyable) Thank you GMP, keep up the good stuff!

Two ancient greek styled figures bend over a table and using a laptop and a phone.

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